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Asian Handicap or Fixed Odds (1X2) betting?

What is the difference between Asian handicap 0:1/2 and a regular fixed odd (1 or 2) bet? None you may say as these two are exactly the same bet (you win if the team you backed wins) but yet we can find different odds for these same bets with the same bookmaker.

How does this happen?

Asian handicap and fixed odds betting are two completely different markets. Bookmakers margin for Asian handicap betting is lower (around 102-104%) and higher for fixed odds betting (around 105-112%). This means you shall get better odds with Asian handicap markets than with fixed odds markets. Here is an Eexample:

Juventus – Arsenal

1X2: @1,80 @3,60 @4,0

AH -1/2: @1,90 @2,00

As we can see from our example, betting on Juventus win (1) with fixed odds is @1,80 and betting on Juventus homewin with Asian handicap (-1/2) is @1,90. It would be unwise to bet on Juventus with fixed odds as we obviously get lower odds.

Why can we find such odds difference within the same bookmaker? The main goal of bookmakers is to balance their books and spread their liability over all possible outcomes.

If significant amount of money is placed on one outcome odds will go down and punters many times dictate how betting odds change. Fixed odds market is more likely to have major odds changes than the Asian handicap market.

Because both betting markets have different betting dynamics and profile of betting players involved, odds discrepancies within the same bookmaker for the same bet have became usual.

Do yourself a favour: always check both betting markets and find the best betting odds as differences can be huge. Your betting bank will be grateful.