Sports Betting Systems

Explanation of various successful and profitable sports betting systems.

Betting System “Halftime/Fulltime”

With this betting system we will use match statistics and some football match facts. Half of the football games are drawn at halftime and half of the football matches end with a homewin. We will be betiing on Halftime/Fulltime or HT/FT (9 possible outcomes) where our bet “draw/homewin” or HT/FT X/1 with approximate odds @5,0 presents a profitable option.

How does the system work?

Let`s pick 4 games with homewin odds between @1,50 and @2,0. If we permutate our HT/FT bets we get:

4 single bets with 20 units staked on each, 6 doubles with 15 units staked on each, 4 trebles with 10 units staked on each and a 4-fold with a 5 unit stake.

Our total stake is therefore 215 units and our return will be: with one correct bet a little less than half of our stake, with two correct bets 575 units, with three correct bets 2675 units and if we get all four right we will get massive 10775 units.

You will be surprised how many times you will get two or three correct bets. Pick the games carefully, be disciplined and you shall have a great success.

Betting System “1-6 nil”

This system is very simple and efficient as the most genious things are. How many times have you came across a match between hot favourite and an outsider? Because of low odds on the favourite you weren`t tempted into betting but there is a small trick that makes it possible to bet on the favourite with odds between @1,80 and @2,0.

Instead of betting on the straight favourite win we will place a series of correct score bets (assuming the favourite will win) which are:

1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0.

The odds that we will get for our correct scores will usually be:

result 1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 6-0
odds @8,0 @7,0 @9,0 @12 @20 @50

Our bets will be (in correct score order): 13 units, 14 units, 11 units, 8 units, 4 units and 2 units. We have rounded the stakes a little because the approximate stakes amount is enough. No matter which of our covered correct score results will happen we will get around 100 units for a 52 units stake. This means that we placed a bet on the favourite with odds @2,0 instead @1,20.

We will lose our bets if outsider scores a goal or if the favourite scores more than six goals but our advantage is that 70% of such games end with a favourite win, the outsider does not score and the favourite does not score more than six times.

Betting System “Correct Score”

Most of the football homewins end with result 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 which is a statistical fact. Bookmakers usually offer following odds for this correct scores: around @7,0 for correct score 1-0, around @8,0 for correct score 2-0 and around @9,0 for correct score 2-1. We will pick 2 games with this system where we expect a homewin for the hosts that should be slight favourites.

Barcelona – Real Madrid 1-0, 2-0, 2-1

Chelsea – Arsenal 1-0, 2-0, 2-1

We can place 6 single bets with 11 units staked on each and 9 double bets with 2 units staked on each. Our total stake is 84 units and our return can be: with one correct score between 77 and 99 units and with two correct scores between 252 and 360 units.

Betting System “Double Chance”

You have probably stumbled across betting option called “Double Chance” where you can bet on two outcomes in the same game. The problem with double chance betting is that the odds are very low especially if we bet that the favourite won`t lose.

This betting system will help us get higher odds and avoid low odds set up by bookmakers. With better odds and two results covered our chances to succeed increase.

This system is prepared in such a way that we have to pick two or three games and cover two outcomes (1X, X2, 12). Example: we will pick two games and cover the X2 outcomes (draw or away win).

1. Valencia – Getafe @1,85 @3,40 @4,0 (X2)

2. Newcastle – Everton @2,30 @3,20 @3,0 (X2)

We will have to write four betting coupons:

coupon #1 – X and X

coupon #2 – 2 and 2

coupon #3 – X and 2

coupon 4# – 2 and X

We will have to stake 10 units on each betting coupon and if our selections win our return for 40 units stake is:

coupon #1 – 109 units

coupon #2 – 120 units

coupon #3 – 102 units

coupon #4 – 128 units

There is of course only one winning coupon but it does bring a solid profit. This system does especially well if the favourite slips up because we have covered other outcomes and with good odds too.

Remember, no matter which sports betting systems you decide to choose it is important to stick to them over the long term to make them profitable.